Tech Firm Spotlights Tropical Architecture Group, Inc.

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How This Native-Californian Owned Architecture Firm is Helping Wildfire Survivors Rebuild Using New Technologies

Tropical Architecture Group, Inc. (TAG) is a luxury architectural design firm based in Kauai, Hawaii with a new satellite office in Southern California. The company was founded 15 years ago by native Californian husband-and-wife design duo, Michael and Lani McLychok, with an expertise in designing Tropical, Contemporary, Asian Pacific, and Balinese-inspired luxury homes.

TAG’s mission is to create timeless luxury designs using natural and sustainable materials for relaxed, resort-style living. Their projects have been featured in national and international magazines, including The Robb Report Vacation Homes.

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Rebuilding After the California Wildfires

The devastating Woolsey, Hill, and Campfire wildfire disasters burned over 11,000 homes within 153k acres in Northern California , and another 175 homes on 96K acres in Thousand Oaks and the Malibu area. With so many affected by the wildfires, Californians are scrambling to find help.

And this influx of need for AEC professionals has created a whole new problem—long waiting lists to meet with architects and builders. So TAG has teamed up with California permit expediting companies so that clients have support for all of their individual needs.

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TAG is Offering 10% Discounts to Victims of California Wildfires

TAG has been using the Kubity suite of tools since the early days of the app. With true-to-scale immersive augmented reality, their team is able to understand design consequences in real-time and give clients an immediate understanding of their space. They’re also using the VR feature for walkthroughs with and without VR glasses. Using just a smartphone and the app, they’re showing clients what they’re buying before ever breaking ground.

Kubity, Returning What’s Visually Missing

From an architect’s perspective, Kubity is more than just another professional tool. It’s changing the way the design is conceptualized and moves things along faster for clients than going the traditional route. It’s hard to imagine something that’s not there, and Kubity helps bring design ideas into design realities offering clients an immersive 3D digital experience.


“Especially in California where the emotional trauma of losing one’s home is devastating, it’s motivating for clients to be able to see a beautiful home on their property at a time when they can’t imagine anything there except what was lost,” says Lani McLychok.

“TAG is using Kubity as an indispensable tool that is inspiring clients and helping them imagine all that is possible, instead of what can’t be seen or what was lost.”